We are an Irish owned company who run 2 data centre’s here in Dublin.

23 Years Experience

We are an Irish owned company who run 2 data centre’s here in Dublin. We have 23 years experience in providing tailor-made solutions to meet the highest demands of our clients. Our efficient, fully secure and flexible infrastructure features some of the most advanced Data Centre capabilities in the industry.


Backup Generators

Our primary data centre is powered by Energia which supplies 100% renewable energy to our data centres. We are trying to significantly reduce our carbon footprint and remain as eco friendly as possible.

Our second data centre follows the same structure of our first one. In case of any unplanned electricity interruption, our UPS gives us 15 minutes to turn on the generator that is also located right outside the premises. 

Uninterruptible Power Supplies

If there is an unplanned electricity interruption, our high quality UPS will keep everything running for 15 minutes until our own diesel backup generator will start. This generator is located right outside of our office which means we have access to it immediately in case anything goes wrong. We have enough fuel on site for the diesel generator to last 24+ hours.

Data Centre Cooling

Our robust cooling infrastructure with software constantly monitoring & controlling the air temperature and humidity guarantee perfect environment to keeping all servers at the correct temperature. We deploy cabinets in hot and cold aisle line ups so that hot exhaust air and cold intake air remain isolated from one another.

Our data centers use state of the art handling units with outdoor evaporative cooling. There are three typical methods which can be employed to cool data centers; ventilation, evaporative cooling or a refrigeration based air conditioning system. The choice of system can have a dramatic effect on the total carbon emissions of the building and the energy consumed due to their different electrical demands. Typically we use 25% less electricity than other data centers which use air conditioning or water chillers. Ireland has a cool climate which is the perfect environment keeping servers at the correct temperature. We have temperature sensors dotted throughout our server rooms which we monitor 24/7. 

Communication Towers

Our data centres connect to several commercially operated towers in Dublin, these include 3Rock, Kilakee, Kiltipper & many more. These towers can be used for WISP’s or for private connections to servers or racks located at our data centres. Additionally we have tower space available on both data centres.

Network Infrastructure

We have multiple redundant telecommunications paths via fibre provided by Virgin, Eir & BT. We also have our own dark fibre connection between our two data centres. If any of our fibre cables are cut, a redundant path exists to insure our network traffic will not be affected. Our Cisco core routers are configured with BGP so if one fibre route goes down the traffic is automatically routed through an alternate fibre connection. We can provide up to 100Gbps of high performance bandwidth on our network.

– Internal and external fibre powered network.
– Diverse fibre entry through underground concrete reinforced ducts.
– Multi-homed redundant network with multiple upstream providers
– We are a carrier neutral data centre.
– Satellite feeds are available at both data centres.
– Communication towers are available at both data centres. 

Multiple Security Layers

The processes and procedures for physical & information security is always maintained at the highest level

Full hardware and application support

24/7/365 security monitoring

Alarm detection zones

Multiple security layers

IP cased firewall

Data Centre wide DDos protection

PRTG Sensors

Strict access control procedures

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