We build our cloud servers with our clients in mind to ensure that we can offer the most modern, powerful and dynamic cloud platform. Our hosting plans allow you to select your own PHP versions up to 8.0

Oxygen 200GB

  • €299.4 + VAT/year
  • 200GB Disk Space
  • 15 Accounts
  • Automatic updates
  • Self installation
  • Free SSL Certs
  • Panel: DirectAdmin

Helium 300GB

  • €419.4 + VAT/year
  • 300GB Disk Space
  • 50 Accounts
  • Automatic updates
  • Self installation
  • Free SSL Certs
  • Panel: DirectAdmin

Hydrogen 400GB

  • €539.4 + VAT/year
  • 400GB Disk Space
  • Unlimited Accounts
  • Automatic updates
  • Self installation
  • Free SSL Certs
  • Panel: DirectAdmin
  • Web Hosting with DirectAdmin Integration

    DirectAdmin is the industry-leading control panel and provides a rich online environment in which you can manage your web hosting environment with simple point-and-click.

  • Free SSL Certificates

    Interactive UI and configuration functions, such as installing SSL certificates, viewing server information, enabling site redirection and domain pointers

  • WordPress on DirectAdmin - it's really easy!

    Create exactly what you want and update it easily whenever you want. There’s no coding needed and everything you design looks great on any device.

Easy Reseller Hosting Management

  • Create / List / Modify Accounts: Account creation, listing, modification and deletion is done quickly and easily
  • User Packages: Resellers can create predefined accounts packages using this featured. When creating an account, the reseller simply chooses a package instead of manually setting each account feature.
  • Reseller Statistics: Resellers are provided with a complete overview of their total usage. Resellers may also sort data by users to quickly assess the overall situation.
  • Message All Users: Resellers can quickly send a message to all their customers by using DirectAdmin’s built in ticket support system.
  • Import / Manage Skins: With this menu option, resellers can quickly import and apply new skins with the click of a button.
  • IP Assignment: Resellers can allocate IP addresses to their customers by using this menu option.
  • System / Services Information: By clicking this feautre, resellers have instant access to server status and system information.
  • Name Servers: Resellers can create personalized server names for their customers from this menu.


What is DirectAdmin?

DirectAdmin is a web hosting control panel granting administration of websites through a web browser. The software is configurable to enable standalone, reseller and shared web hosting from a single instance. DirectAdmin is similar to cPanel in the way that DirectAdmin can run perfectly under Linux and its major distributions, CloudLinux, CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, Red Hat and much more. Windows based operating systems are not supported.

What are the differences between DirectAdmin and cPanel?

cPanel has a very user-friendly and interactive interface that provides you complete control over all WHM features. You can easily automate your administrative tasks through the command line and API accessibility using this panel

DirectAdmin has all the latest technology you would need to perform administrative work for effective hosting.
DirectAdmin is as proficient as you’d expect a good control panel to be and allows its users the ability to tweak all the essential web hosting elements including DNS and mail.

cPanel hosting offers an interactive UI and configuration functions, but when it comes to advanced user needs (such as installing SSL certificates, viewing server information and enabling site redirection and domain pointers), DirectAdmin is a better choice.

Does DirectAdmin come with a control panel?

Yes, all our hosting plans with DirectAdmin come with a control panel that helps you manage your web hosting server using a very friendly graphical interface.

Can I host more than one domain on DirectAdmin?

You can host multiple domains depending on the plan you chose. As an experienced user you can add more domains in your hosting plan which will allow you to link more websites.

What is an SSL certificate and why is it important?

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer, this is a protocol used to protect data that is shared between your website and the visitor. SSL certs have grown to be very important, if your website does not have an active SSL cert it will push clients away since all browsers give a warning if an SSL cert is not active.

I wish to transfer my website to Web World, is this something you can help with?

Yes, we will be able to help you migrate your website over to us if you decide to buy one of our hosting plans with DirectAdmin.

Can I upgrade my Hosting package, if so is there any down time?

You can upgrade your hosting plan at any stage without any downtime required.

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