Spam filtering

Spam Experts inbound anti-spam system offers full inbox protection for millions of emails every second of the day, and increases security at the network level

Powerful Email Security Solutions

Enterprise grade protection against inbound spam, viruses, phishing, malware, ransomware and other email-based threats.

Spam quarantine

Attachment restrictions

Manage permissions

Destination setting

Blacklist filtering rules

Remote Synlog

Delivery issue log

Customize actions

Inbound Email Filtering

  • Domain report actions
  • Protection report-mailbox
  • Protection report – send now
  • Protection report – domain
  • Delivery Issue log
  • Spam quarantine
  • Domain statistics
  • Recipients whitelist/blacklist
  • Attachment restrictions
  • Delivery queue – incoming
  • Manage email users
  • Manage permissions
  • API calls history


How do I install Spam Experts?

Spam experts are installed by one of our engineers once the purchase is made. No action is required on your side.

Do spam Experts work on every single one of my email addresses?

Yes, Spam Experts work on all of your emails tied to your domain. If you buy Spam Experts you choose which domain it applies to, following that all emails under that domain will be protected by Spam Experts.

Do I have to manually configure Spam Experts myself?

Yes and no, you may not have to configure spam experts if it learns itself to stop your spam coming in by adapting to your mailbox. Yes you may configure it to a more secure environment in which the scans will be more accurate and have a higher requirement to let standard email through. Bare in mind this could cause certain emails to end up in the spam or junk folder.

What happens with my emails in quarantine?

The term “quarantine” in this instance is used to keep emails that may contain spam, viruses or any other malicious emails in one place safe from your inbox. They are stored remotely from your inbox so you won’t be affected by them.

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