We build all our servers in-house with reliable brand name hardware to meet your specification

VPS1: Galileo

  • 50GB of Disk Space
  • CPU: 1 Intel vCPU
  • Guaranteed 2GB

VPS3: Chandra

  • 100GB of Disk Space
  • CPU: 3 Intel vCPU
  • Guaranteed 6GB

VPS4: Kepler

  • 125GB of Disk Space
  • CPU: 4 Intel vCPU
  • Guaranteed 8GB

Windows 11 VPS Bundle

  • 50GB of Disk Space
  • Intel 4 Cores CPU
  • 4GB Memory
  • Microsoft's Newest OS

Windows 10 VPS Bundle

  • 50GB of Disk Space
  • Intel 4 Cores CPU
  • 4GB Memory
  • Windows 10 OS

Ubiquity Cloudkey

  • 50GB of Disk Space
  • Intel 4 Cores CPU
  • 4GB Memory
  • Free SSL

Operating Systems

We support all major operating systems, for a custom installation please email





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What is a Virtual Private Server?

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a hosting environment that combines the benefits of both shared hosting and dedicated hosting. It does this by creating a virtual server that runs inside a hardware server via a specially designed partition. Each Virtual Private Server partition runs its own operating system in a secure and private environment and cannot be accessed or interrupted by its neighbours.

Why would I choose a VPS?

Whether you have outgrown shared hosting or are looking for an affordable alternative to dedicated server hosting, there is a good chance that a virtual private server will fit your needs and your budget better than any other hosting solution.

How long will it take for the VPS to set up and come online?

You can expect your VPS to be ready within 24 hours of ordering on a normal weekday.

What if I decide that I need to upgrade my VPS?

You can upgrade your VPS at any time you wish, the VPS will be brought down for a small amount of time so the necessary upgrades can be made.

How many IP addresses are provided with an IP address?

You receive one IP address upon purchase and you are allowed to apply to get up to 16 addresses with justification when purchasing a server.

Can I host several websites on my VPS?

Yes you can host several websites on your VPS. It can be partitioned to suit your multiple websites or individual projects on your VPS.

What are the advantages of a VPS compared to a dedicated server?

The advantage of a VPS is that you don’t have to worry about hardware management. You would not need to monitor the status of hard disks, RAM, and CPU since it’s all virtual.

What type of operating systems can you install on the VPS?

We offer multiple operating systems ranging from Almalinux to Windows. We do also offer custom installations which can be arranged by contacting A full list of operating systems is available under the order form.

Where are the servers located?

All servers are located in our two data centres in South Dublin, Ireland.

Are backups included in VPS plans?

No, backups are not included in the price of the VPS plan. If you would like to have the option of back ups then please consider a managed server plan. Managed Server Plans

Do reboots cost?

No. Please send us an email to requesting a server reboot. We can install a remote reboot box for €25 per month.

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