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How can I set up my own .gay?

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Why choose .Gay?

It’s not just a domain… it’s OUR domain.

For LGBTQ individuals, organizations, businesses and their allies, .gay serves as a virtual Pride flag and inclusive badge of honour. From personal artist profiles to Fortune 500 companies everyone is welcome in the .gay family.

A .gay domain helps everyone, whether small business, global organization or individual ally, express their support and celebration of LGBTQ communities. But .gay doesn’t just look good in your profile bio, email address or on your business card — it does good, too!

For every domain, .gay dedicates a 20% donation from all new registration revenue to benefit LGBTQ non-profit groups. This year, .gay is proud to support GLAAD and CenterLink, as inaugural beneficiaries.


Key Benefits

Clearly Signal Your Purpose

Build more online spaces that accurately represent LGBTQ communities and create a better online experience

Highlight Corporate Social  Efforts

Help LGBTQ people and allies find businesses offering LGBTQ-specific content, and allow businesses to demonstrate their support of these communities.

Websites for Specific Initiatives and Campaigns

Strengthen relationships between LGBTQ communities and their allies.

Who is using .Gay Domains?




LGBTQ Communities


Who is the intended audience for the .gay domain?

.gay is open to all. We’ve devoted years of thoughtful planning to ensure .gay delivers on our important mission to create a distinctive digital space
that connects and celebrates LGBTQ communities in a way everyone can support. We are proud to join a growing cohort of diverse domains and we view .gay as being a microcosm of broader LGBTQ communities across the globe. Our greatest hope is that everyone will feel safe, supported, and celebrated for who they are, and who they love.

What makes .gay unique?

While .gay is operationally similar to other domain extensions, it’s also an industry-changing pioneer. First, .gay creates a completely new medium for LGBTQ visibility, positivity and support. Second, it’s the first domain to fund LGBTQ causes with every new domain registered. Additionally, .gay strives to be a safer space and has policies in place to ban or remove anti-LGBTQ usage, including harassment, threats, and hate speech. This unprecedented commitment means that for years to come, .gay will continue to directly support key issues that face LGBTQ communities.

How will LGBTQ communities benefit from .gay?

For decades, the internet has been a place where LGBTQ communities go to build relationships, express themselves and be seen. It has long been a place of genuine connection. With .gay we are taking this one step further, by creating a dedicated space devoted to connecting and celebrating members of LGBTQ communities and their allies. Further, we want to ensure that .gay will benefit LGBTQ people and communities. This is why we’re dedicating a 20% donation from all new registration revenue (not just profit!) to benefit LGBTQ non-profit groups each year. That means that every new .gay name registered directly helps address key issues facing LGBTQ communities.

Can I transfer my existing domain to Web World?

Before beginning the transfer process, you will need to ensure that your domain is properly set up for a transfer and that you have all of the required information. The process will vary depending on your domain provider, but there are general steps that are common between many registrars. Don’t worry. We can help you transfer your files, databases, and update all settings. You can contact us here and we will assist you

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