Server Co-location

Each cabinet supports high-density configurations, which means that you never have to settle for a deployment that is not optimal for your business. We allow you to turn-up or turn-down the amount of computing power you buy.

Server Co-location

Scalable Solutions

Rack space from 1u to 45u, 1-5 amps per server,  99.9% uptime SLA, emergency 24/7 hands on support, multiple connections with redundancy, 1Gbps/10Gbps uplink.

Flexible Power Options

  • Cabinet dimensions: L:600mm – P:1000
  • Lock and security: Confined cabinet with security key
  • Electric power type: Double redundant
  • Electric power tension: 2 x 220V
  • Electric power amperage: 2 x 14A per rack


  • Singlemode /Multimode Fiber Cross Connect – €25/month
  • CATe/6 Cross Connect – €10/month
  • Satellite/Coax Cross Connect –  €25/month

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Rack Space

Price: €125 per unit
Colocation Per Unit

Price: €475/month
Quarter Rack 10U

Price: €1100/month
Minimum 42U dedicated rack

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10 TB Data Transfer Per Month

10 TB Data Transfer Per Month

No Limit of Data Transfer

No Limit Of Data Transfer

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Price: €125/month
Colocation Per Unit

Price: €150/month
Colocation up to 2 Units

Price: €180/month
Colocation up to 4 Units

Price: €365/month
Colocation up to 7 Units

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IP Address Blocks

€16/per month
IPv4 /29 Block

€32/per month
IPv4 /28 Block

€64/per month
IPv4 /27 Block

50% OFF: €128/per month
IPv4 /27 Block

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IP Addresses

IPv4 /32Block

IPv4 /31Block

IPv4 /30Block

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IPv4 /29-25Block

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Server Monitoring

Price: €10 / per month

Price: €0 / per month

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Singlemode /Multimode Fiber Cross Connect

Handle up to 10GB of data

Cross over an electrical line

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Powered Via 100% Renewable Energy

Our energy supplier is Ireland’s greenest energy provider. As a result, we use 100% sustainable green energy in our data centres. Our current rating is estimated at 1.5 and by implementing the latest technology and practices we are aiming to achieve a rating of 1.

This means that most of the energy delivered to our data centre is used for computing purposes and wasteful supplementary activities are eliminated.

Our goal is to reduce our energy use and carbon footprint, improve our PUE Rating, improve our staff and public health, try and attract more green conscious customers. We have implemented as many changes to our operations as we can and continue to review this on an ongoing basis.

Performance, Security & Productivity

Free server reboots.

Network Wide DDOS Protection

PRTG bandwidth usage reports

Emergency 24/7 hands on support

Unlimited IP addresses (Justification required)

Multiple connections with redundancy (BGP)

CCTV recording & 24/7 on-site security

Managed DNS through a user friendly cpanel

Backup UPS & diesel backup generator

Dedicated client area for testing/staging

30 day money back & uptime guarantee

No setup charge or minimum contract

Pay yearly and get one month free

1Gbps uplink (Full duplex on fibre network)

Air cooled facility


Where are your data centers located?

We own and operate 2 data centres in South Dublin and are within 10 minutes of each other.

When can I access the facility to work on the server?

You can schedule a visit via emailing, from there on you will receive an email with a QR code that you can use to scan in when visiting the facility.

Are workbenches provided in the facility?

Yes, we offer multiple stations that you can work on your machine.

Can I send servers to the facility and have you set them up?

Yes, you can send us your servers to us and we will set them up for no additional charge.

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