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Why choose .Foundation?

.FOUNDATION allows philanthropic entities to clearly and immediately signal to audiences that the website belongs to an entity with a commitment to philanthropy, including non-profit philanthropic foundations and for-profit corporations with a philanthropic arm. As one of the new additions to the .ORG family of domains,

.FOUNDATION further empowers mission-driven organizations to engage with their communities and advance positive change in the world.

Key Benefits

  • Clearly Signal Your Purpose – 
  • .FOUNDATION can be used as an organization’s online home from the start. Organizations could also choose to switch over to a .FOUNDATION to send a clear signal about their specific purpose.
  • Highlighting Corporate Social Responsibility Efforts Whether as part of their core business function or a separate initiative— mission-driven organizations can use a .FOUNDATION domain name to establish a microsite dedicated to their philanthropic arms. Microsites can help streamline communication and navigation, and signal to an audience that an initiative is an area of focus.
  • Websites for Specific Initiatives and Campaigns Non-profit and for-profit organizations can secure .FOUNDATION for campaign-specific websites to reflect their organization philanthropic efforts.

Who is using .foundation
domain names?

All types of Foundations

All types of Foundations

Non-profit organizations of all sizes

Corporations and Businesses


Why should I register a .foundation domain?

As a part of the .ORG Family of domains, .FOUNDATION is the clear and immediate way for non-profit philanthropic foundations and for-profit corporations to showcase their organization’s commitment to do good online.

What are some tips for picking the best domain name?

Make the name memorable, you don’t want something really long or confusing that will make the person searching your site be turned off by it. Something short/simple is good. It’s nice to be creative with what you choose. Having something unique would also make you stand out. Watch out if the name you have chosen is somewhat trademarked/copyrighted though, make sure to do some research on this before you choose the name you’ve decided on.

What You Need to Know about SEO?

SEO revolves around keywords, the words and phrases people type into search engines to find what they are looking for. Using keywords gives you the power to reach the right people for your foundation and learning how to do keyword research helps you gather the data you need to understand your audience. Its essential to make content that provides value to people if you want to get your website ranking well in search engines

Can I transfer my existing domain to Web World?

Before beginning the transfer process, you will need to ensure that your domain is properly set up for a transfer and that you have all of the required information. The process will vary depending on your domain provider, but there are general steps that are common between many registrars. Don’t worry. We can help you transfer your files, databases, and update all settings. You can contact us here and we will assist you

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